Photo Technique: The Table Shot

Hello! Today, I would like to tell you about my new hobby: Instagramming. Iya, aku memang suka banget sama yang namanya Instagram. Soalnya, aku pribadi suka sama fotografi. Aku juga hm... sepertinya anak visual. Jadi, jelas suka kalau lihat foto. Karena aku punya Instagram, jadi tiap hari pasti aku buka Instagram. Untuk jenis foto yang aku sukai, biasanya sih yang tentang travelling gitu aku suka. Foods, paintings, fashion aku suka. Biasanya aku suka yang cahayanya itu cukup, atau bahkan fotonya itu terang. Apalagi pake natural light. Terus difotonya itu di meja dan dari atas, or usually people call it "The Table Shot".

What does "The Table Shot" mean? "The Table Shot" means a top-down shot using natural light. Compose asymmetrically or with perfect symmetry–do it with purpose (source: click here). Jadi kalau kalian sering lihat foto yang fotonya itu difoto dari atas, biasanya foto makanan, nah itu foto yang memakai teknik "The Table Shot". Why do people love this technique? Um, I think this technique is quite simple yet stunning, kalau dilakukan dengan benar.

Dilakukan dengan benar? Ya, menurut aku, teknik ini dilakukan akan lebih bagus kalau dengan pencahayaan yang cukup. Biasanya menggunakan cahaya alami dari matahari. Dengan menggunakan cahaya yang pas,


Retreight's Yearbook Photo Shoot - Inspired by The Twilight Saga

Hello, fellas! It has been a long time since my last post. I'm so sorry for that, because I had to focus on national exam, and finally I did it! Now I'm on holiday for about more than one month till the announcement of the exam results. And now I'm gonna show you about my class' yearbook photo shoot.

Last March my class, Retreight (Republic of Inter Eight, or 9.8) did a photo shoot with a professional photographer from Sahara Yearbook Maker, Frans Sinaga or we called him "Ko Frans". For this year, the 9th grade students chose "movies" for the theme. And Retreight chose "The Twilight Saga" movie. After we had some meetings, we decided to do our photo shoot at Parangtritis sand dunes for the cover and the Volturi, and Imogiri pine forest for Bella, Edward, Jacob, Renesmee, and the other cast.

Cast: Seysha as Bella, Rafi as Edward, Ardin as Jacob, Oik as Rosalie, Aufaa as Emmett, me as Alice, Dhatu as Jasper, and many more.

So here are the behind the scenes photos:

Putri as Volturi.
with our homeroom teacher, Mrs. Puja.
with our homeroom teacher, Mrs. Puja.
My scene.
My scene.
touch up time!
with Koh Frans
with Koh Frans

Photo by: Nisrina Amalia P. (me), Masniary Rayhan Hapsari, and Olivia Prastiti Winur.

Retreight's BTS Video made by Oik:

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