Harta Karun Setahun Sekali

The gifts:

I don't know why she gave me a notebook with letter "D" on the cover, but it's fine. This notebook was really cute. And, maybe I should apologize to Icha. Everybody knew, what's the relation between Icha and letter "D".

The birthday cards:


Nadia yang sedang melirik bibirnya yang menjadi merah karena makan buah naga. Berasa pake lipstik, gitu.


Handmade: Pinky Flat Shoes with Flower Corsages

If you wanna see how I painted it, see the previous post.

I've bought 50 centimeters of flower corsages lace, and I'm only needed two pieces of flower corsages, so I cutted it. Two pieces of flower corsages are cutted for each shoes. So, you'll need 4 pieces of flower corsages for one pair of shoes.

Handmade: Girly Sneakers Makeover

The acrylic paints are used on the next post.

I'm sorry about the wrong caption on that photo. It's not the second.